#TipTuesday: 10 Easy, Punny & Sustainable Halloween Costumes


For those of you that left your Halloween costume until the last minute, or want a sustainable costume— we got your back!

We compiled 10 costume ideas using items that you probably already have in your closet.

All black outfit ideas:

  • Identify Theft: dress in all black, write other peoples’ names on name tags and stick them all over your outfit.

  • Blackmail: wear all black and attach envelopes on yourself.

  • Copycat: dress in all black, wear a pair of cat ears and cut out “ctrl + c” icons to stick on your shirt.

  • Chip on Shoulder: wear an all black ensemble and put a chip on your shoulder.

Easy prop related ideas:

  • Smarty Pants: dress “nerdy chic” using whatever you have in your wardrobe. This could include glasses, suspenders - whatever you want! Then, adhere (empty) boxes of Smarties on your pants.

  • Social Butterfly: wear whatever colours you want, but the key is to stick social media icons on your shirt and borrow/thrift a pair of butterfly wings.

  • Bread Winner: dress in whatever you’re comfortable in, buy a few loaves of bread and hang some medals around your neck.

  • French Toast: wear your most Parisian outfit (eg: put on a beret), and stick a picture of a piece of toast on your shirt.

Dressy, formal ideas:

  • Formal Apology: dress in whatever formal attire you have (eg: a fancy dress) and drape a sash, or print out a piece of paper that says “apology” on it.

  • Flamenco Dancing Girl Emoji: if you have a red dress in your closet and a pair of heels, go as the red dress dancing girl emoji 💃🏻

If you dress up using any of our costume ideas, tag us @Recloseted!