#TipTuesday: Curb Your Shopping Addiction & Save $$$


we're giving you 10 tips to curb your clothing purchases so you can save $


"Canadians on average purchase 70 new articles of clothing a year and that contributes to the 12 million tons a year of textile waste dumped into North America's landfills" Jan 2018 CBC article 

To reduce the amount of new clothes we purchase and subsequently send to the landfills every year, we complied 10 tips that will curb your impulse clothing purchases

1. Set a financial/savings goal

Taking the CBC statistic above and assuming you buy 70 new articles of clothing a year at an average price of $60, that equates to $4,200 that you spend on clothes every year! If you cut down your clothing consumption by half, you can put $2,200 towards something else. Think about a financial or savings goal you have (eg: buying a place, getting a car, going on a nice vacation, etc.) and work towards that instead of buying impulse clothing purchases. Every time you want to buy a clothing item, remember your financial goal and see if it's worth setting that back to get this new garment.


2. Research & think out your purchases

Next time you want to buy something, do research before you pull the trigger. For example if you're looking for a new leather jacket, take the time to look into what leather you want, what cut, what hardware, etc. Then, visit various stores with the sole intention of browsing and collecting research - not buying! A good rule of thumb is to look at a minimum of 10 choices before taking the plunge and purchasing an item. That way, you know for sure you love the item you're buying and it'll be with you for many years to come. 


3. Become a "shopper on a mission"

When go shopping, ONLY buy what you originally wanted. Don't get sidetracked by new items on the mannequin, discounted jeans or accessories at the checkout aisle - make sure you only buy what you intended to buy!


4. Be cut throat in the sale section 

If you browse the sale section at the back of a store, do not buy things just because it's cheap. If you're looking for a basic white t-shirt and one happens to be on sale, that's fine. But don't get another white t-shirt to add to your collection because it was only $15. Be cut throat in the sale sections and only buy what you need!


5. Make a list and stick to it for warehouse sales, black friday & boxing day 

If you're going to a warehouse sale, or attending a Black Friday/Boxing Day sale, make a list and STICK to the list. There's no reason why you shouldn't get a deal on a cashmere sweater you're looking for, but make sure you only get the cashmere sweater and don't get carried away getting other items as well. 


6. Borrow Your friend's clothes for special occasions

For special occasions that you want a new outfit to wear (eg: bachelorette, wedding, music festivals, etc.) shop your friend's closet! You know you're only going to wear that dress or outfit once, so why bother spending money on it? You can plan a fun day with your friend and lend each other clothes!


7. Buy comfortable shoes

When you're buying shoes, make sure you can comfortably walk in them. Unless you know you're only going to wear a pair of heels sitting down at a dinner, don't buy them! We often buy shoes that look great but hurt our feet, so we end up wearing it a few times and never touching it again. Comfort is key when it comes to shoes!


8. Unfollow & unsubscribe fast fashion brands

Fast fashion clothing brands are designed to tempt you into buying their items with your hard-earned money. So, remove the temptation! For the fast fashion brands that you tend to impulse purchase with, unsubscribe from their emails (so then you won't get notified when they have sales...), unfollow the brand on social media, etc. 


9. Block online shopping sites & don't shop late at night

You can use sites like FocusMe to temporarily block online retailers to remove your shopping temptation. Also, don't shop late at night! If you're browsing online at midnight, that's fine but always sleep on it before purchasing and wait until the morning to see if you still need it. 


10. Pre-purchase checklist

Before you buy something, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Do I already own something like this in my wardrobe? --> If the answer is yes, why are you buying it? 

  • If I buy this, what can I wear with it that I already own? --> The goal is to avoid buying "new jeans" or "new shoes" to go with this new garment

  • Can I see myself wearing this at least 50 times? How about 100 times? 

  • What is the Cost Per Wear (CPW)? 

    • CPW = Cost of Garment / Frequency You'll Wear It

    • Try to hit a $0.5 CPW!

we hope these tips help you control your shopping impulses!

If you have any other methods you use, share them with us in the comments or on social media.