Brand Spotlight: Eileen Fisher


Due to popular demand, we're starting a new series called "Brand Spotlights" that features ethical and sustainable fashion brands.

In our first brand spotlight, we deep dive into Eileen Fisher, a brand that makes ethical & timeless clothes that's part of a responsible lifecycle.


SUMMARY: An upscale label that is practices slow fashion. The company uses conscious fibres (eg: recycled cashmere) and encourages consumers to return their eileen fisher clothing back to the company so they can create new garments

VISION: wants to use sustainable fibres, cleaner dyes, eliminate unethical labour & reduce clothing waste by 2020

Eileen Fisher's Circular by Design Concept

Since 2009, Eileen Fisher has started a clothing take-back program. When their consumers no longer want to keep their Eileen Fisher garments, they simply return it to the company in any condition to be resold or renewed through techniques like over-dyeing and mending. For pieces that can't be reused, the company saves the scarps to be re-used as raw materials. For example, damaged garments can be re-sewn into one-of-a-kind designs. All of this is to combat the ever mounting problem of textile waste going to our landfills. 

The Numbers: 

  • 800,000 pieces of clothing taken back since 2009

  • 200,000 pieces taken back in 2017

By 2020 the brand pledges to: 

  • Increase by 50% the number of garments that have been remanufactured through their circular program, EILEEN FISHER Renew

  • Increase the number of garments collected through their circular program by 20%

  • Increase the resale of used garments by 25%

  • Implement circular design principles to create a closed-loop product offering

  • Increase the volume of used garments recycled into textile fibres

recloseted's thoughts

Eileen Fisher has set lofty slow fashion goals and we're 110% behind it. The brand is doing a great job at tackling the fashion industry's most problematic items (eg: fibre sourcing, unethical labour practices, growing amount of textile waste, etc.). We're excited to see how the brand continues to ensure they're on track to achieve their 2020 vision and we'd like to challenge other companies to take a similar stance.

to help you purchase conscious fashion, went through the brand's sale section and included some of our favourite PIECES below:

Lastly, if you have any eileen fisher pieces that you no longer want, make sure you give your garments back to the company so they can re-use it!