Brand Spotlight: Everlane’s ReNew Line


We’re featuring Everlane’s renew line for this brand spotlight! The Renew line is made from 3 million recycled plastic bottles.

“There are 8 billion tons of plastic on the planet. And once it’s made—it never goes away. So today, we’re making a commitment: No new plastic in our entire supply chain by 2021. Our first step: the ReNew collection.” - Everlane

As seen in Everlane’s statement above, once virgin plastic is created, it never goes away. Virgin plastic is the opposite of recycled plastic, meaning it is newly-manufactured plastic that has not turned into a product. In 60 years, we have created eight billion tons of it.

“Plastic is poisoning our oceans, clogging landfills, and destroying the environment. The worst part? Companies are making more than ever. And we just keep buying it. There’s only one solution: Stop creating virgin plastic—and instead, renew what’s already here. We believe businesses have to lead the way, so we’re starting today.” - Michael Preysman, Everlane Founder & CEO


plastics history:

Plastic as a material gained traction back in the 1950s because it was cheap to produce and quite durable. However, the durability is part of the issue, as once new plastic is made, it stays on our planet forever.

Everlane broke down some sectors that produce the most plastic:

So, what is everlane doing about it?


The brand’s first step to combat the plastics problem is through their ReNew line, which is made up of 3,000,000 plastic bottles. The process the brand took from turning the plastic into clothing is laid out below.


So what pieces did Everlane create? The brand turned plastic bottles into puffers, fleece pullovers and parkas.


Part 2: No new plastic in Everlane’s supply chain by 2021.

The long term plan for the brand is to eliminate virgin plastic in their supply chain. Everlane plans to remove virgin plastics from the synthetic fibres in their garments, replace virgin plastic polyester bags and cut out single use plastic from their offices and stores. You can view more details below.

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 12.46.55 AM.png

recloseted's thoughts

We think it’s great that Everlane is shedding light on how harmful plastics are and what a lasting impact the material has on our environment. However, Everlane isn’t the first brand to do this, but they do a great job at marketing and socializing the issue. The brand has some lofty goals and we give them props for tackling this issue.

Quick callout though, don’t purchase an item from Everlane’s ReNew line if you don’t need it. Again, just because it’s made of recycled plastic, don’t buy it if you aren’t going to wear it and will donate/toss it shortly after. Since these garments are made from recycled plastic, it will take time to decompose in our landfills, so only purchase from this line if you absolutely need a new fleece, pullover, or jacket!