Brand Spotlight: Reformation


We’re featuring Reformation for this brand spotlight! The brand makes eco-friendly stylish clothing. The brand keeps the environment in mind when designing new pieces, uses sustainable fabrics and encourages consumers to ethically dispose garments.

“Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We're #2.” - Reformation



Reformation aims to make effortless silhouettes that celebrate the feminine figure. The brand’s sketches can become a dress in about a month, meaning they are designing and making what consumers want to wear right now. The company spend hours fitting on different bodies and have a meticulous approach to ensure the fit of their garments.

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Admirably, all of Reformation’s clothing items are made from super sustainable materials, rescued deadstock fabrics, and repurposed vintage clothing. About 15% of the brand’s products are made from “deadstock” fabrics, meaning it’s verified old, leftover and over-ordered fabrics from other companies. This allows Reformation to divert textile waste from entering the landfills by turning these discarded fabrics into beautiful items that can go to your closet. About 2-5% of the company’s items are also repurposed from vintage clothing. The brand buys vintage pieces from wholesalers across the US to repurpose these pieces.

On top of this, Reformation is re-thinking some traditional fabrics:

  • TENCEL™ LYOCELL: semi-synthetic fibre with similar properties to cotton, is manufactured from Eucalyptus tress, and uses 80% less water than cotton

  • TENCEL™ Modal: wood base fibre that is processed from sustainable managed beechwood forests in Northern and Central Europe

  • Linen: made from flax, known to be strong + breezy + anti-bacterial + gentle for the skin, uses minimal water, and emits 1/4 of the carbon as cotton per pound of fibre

  • Organic Cotton: doesn’t use genetically modified seeds, and restricts chemical use - meaning it’s safer for the environment, farmers and consumers to wear

End of life:

Although Reformation thoughtfully designs clothes that consumers can wear from a long time and crafts garments from high-quality sustainable materials, the brand has a process in place for the end of a garment’s lifecycle with their RefRecycling program.

recloseted's thoughts

We’re big fans of Reformation! The company is extremely transparent and doing their part in tackling each step of the harmful fashion industry. If you want to read more into what the company does, check out their 2017 Sustainability Report to see what they accomplished last year and what they intended to do this year.

Let us know what you think of Reformation, or if you have any of their pieces!