#TipTuesday: Explaining Textile Recycling Terms


This #Tiptues, We provide context on some common clothing recycling terms.

  • REDUCE: Cut down the amount of clothing you buy. This is the first step to send less to our landfills.

    • Before you buy a new garment, ask yourself how many times you’ll wear it, or if you already have something similar in your closet.

    • Also consider buying clothes secondhand, or from consignment shops.

  • REUSE: Prolong the life of your garments in decent condition.

    • If you decide to keep the clothes, challenge yourself to find unique ways to style it, or pair it differently.

    • If you decide you don’t want your clothes anymore, give it to family or friends, attend a clothing swap, consign it, etc. Ultimately, find ways for other people to use it.

  • RECYCLE: Make sure unwanted garments don’t go to the landfills by reprocessing clothing (if it’s too-far-gone), textile materials and scraps. This could look like upcycling or downcycling (see below).

    • UPCYCLE: Add value, or creatively reuse a garment. For example, turn severely ripped jeans into shorts, transform your sweater into a pillowcase, make a headband out of your t-shirt… be creative and have fun with it!

    • DOWNCYCLE: Diminish the value of a product. This could look like a torn garment becoming a rag, home insulation, pillow stuffing… you name it!