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Ethically handmade in Vancouver using the best sustainable and cruelty-free textiles.

Pure Magnolia

Ethically made, sustainable wedding gowns that are beautiful inside and out.


A conscious lifestyle brand designed and made in Vancouver for the rad, urban adventurer.


“Before I started working with Selina, I was sort of at a tipping point. I hadn't revamped my mission or vision since I started in 2016 and lacked clarity on how to take my business to the next level. I felt stuck in the work of the daily grind and didn't really know the best way to spend my time and money to grow my business and increase sales.

After working with Selina, I feel a lot less stressed and have a clear plan and direction on how to move forward. I feel like the entrepreneurial-scatter brain is no longer. I have a set of tools and resources that I can draw from at any time and it doesn't feel so daunting. My marketing strategy feels a lot more intentional now instead of just a chore or an afterthought. I am excited about tackling this next growth phase of my business and feel I can take it on now with purpose and conviction!”

— Kaya Dorey | NOVEL SUPPLY CO.


“I have been in business for 10 years and I was a little lost on how to reach my ideal client. I was using techniques that had worked in the past, or I thought would work well for us. However, I was lacking a solid vision and focus. I also added so many branches to my business and felt diluted.

Selina brought so much clarity and focus to my business. It was so great to have her help me focus on the right path. Her program didn't even seem like a lot of work because she broke down what was going to be worth the time and money and what wasn't.

Now, I know who my ideal client is and can effectively tailor my messaging to her. I am already finding success with this! I am now developing effective sales funnels, branding, website and social media strategies. I have learned so much and have such a clear vision of what I need to do next. I feel like Selina turned on the lights and I can see where I’m going now!”

— Patty Nayel | Pure Magnolia