We support organic natural fibres and upcycled materials to lower our overall environmental impact.

We do not wear clothing made out harmful synthetic chemicals, or oil.

ethical LABOUR

We believe garment workers should receive a living wage, work in safe factories and not suffer health complications due to our garments.

We do not tolerate 100 hour work weeks, unpaid overtime, child labour and other unethical sweatshop practices.

conscious consumption

We invest in quality, long-lasting garments. We think about cost per wear and carefully evaluate clothes that we want to purchase.

We do not buy clothing just because its cheap, or on sale. We do not purchase a garment with the intention to wear it a couple times.


We give unwanted garments to our family or friends, to consignment shops that will sell our clothes, or to textile recycling centres.

We do not send textile waste to our landfills. If we donate clothes, we research and make sure those garments won’t go to the garbage.

if you’re dedicated to our four principles, join us & pledge to the movement.

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