Recloseted Consulting

recloseted revenue accelerator

This is THE accelerator program dedicated to scale and level up sustainable fashion brands.

*Currently accepting brands!

After finishing the program, you will:

  • Have a solid foundation to scale your business

  • March towards a strategy to achieve all your 2019 - 2020 goals

  • Create a robust customer persona and know exactly who you serve

  • Follow a tried and true sales strategy to achieve consistent revenue targets

  • Effectively distribute your products to your tribe of customers

  • Grow your social platforms through organic content and ads

  • Have an on-brand website that converts customers

Recloseted Consulting

how it works

  • Client Questionnaire
    Before we get started, I will send a client questionnaire to maximize our sessions together.

  • Eight Workshop Sessions
    Each workshop session is tailored to address a specific opportunity in your business. Should we work together, I will develop a tailored program for you. This may include sessions dedicated to your financials, distribution strategy, social media marketing, etc.

  • Summary & Action Items
    After each session, I will provide a summary and assign 5-10 action items you can implement as we go. By chipping away after each session, you will stay on track and be supported along this journey.

  • Full Material Review and Detailed Feedback
    I will personally review all your documents, products, website pages, as well as analyze your social media, research your funnels, look at your financials, and provide in-depth feedback. This ensures that you are doing the right things. For every hour we meet, I will do at least two hours of work to provide tailored feedback and guidance.

  • Unlimited Support
    I’m here to give you unlimited advice and support so you can contact me anytime with questions.

  • Recorded Calls
    Every call will be recorded so you can review our conversations and refer back to them. Plus, by not having to take notes, you can focus on our sessions.

  • Complimentary Recloseted Advertising
    Since I only work with businesses dedicated to righting the harmful fashion industry, I can offer complimentary advertising on Recloseted’s platforms. This can include an Instagram post, interview on the Recloseted Radio podcast, Brand Highlight on Recloseted’s blog, etc.