recloseted’s origin

Our founder Selina started Recloseted after learning the heartbreaking truth behind the dirty fashion industry. She uncovered some crazy facts, which included garments made from petroleum or plastics, clothes manufactured in unethical sweatshops, and that consumers send billions of tonnes of textile waste to the landfills that take centuries to decompose. Ultimately, fashion is an unsustainable linear process and must embrace the circular economy model. And that’s where Recloseted comes in.

recloseted’s mission

Recloseted is an organization dedicated to righting the harmful fashion industry.

We know this mission to right the harmful fashion industry is a lofty one and we know we can’t do it alone. That’s where you come in! Ultimately, we believe it’s important to educate, involve, and collaborate with both consumers and businesses to collectively turn things around.

for apparel companies:

We grow slow fashion brands and help existing clothing brands incorporate sustainability through our consulting services. We work with companies to incorporate slow fashion concepts into their operations, help brands tell a compelling story about their sustainability efforts, and offer Marketing services.

for consumers:

We educate consumers by curating relevant content with tangible actions so you can take steps towards slow fashion. We also developed “The Recloseted Handbook: Your Sustainable Fashion Guide, a tell-all on how to navigate the sustainable fashion world. To do your part, make sure you follow @Recloseted on social media and sign up for our informative newsletters to stay up to date with our content.

together, let’s right the harmful fashion industry.