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Recloseted scales slow fashion brands and helps apparel companies become more sustainable. We launch sustainable fashion brands, propel eco-fashion companies, and help businesses become more environmentally friendly.


↓ launch a slow fashion brand

with our Brand Launch Program


↓ scale a slow fashion brand

with our Revenue Accelerator Program


↓ become a slow fashion brand

with our Sustainability & Social Makeover


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BELLANTONI   •   BoBo GloBal   •   Brinkley Wool   •   Encircled   •   Forth Co.   •   Jessica Redditt Design   •   NOVEL SUPPLY CO.   •   Past Life the Label   •   Pure Magnolia   •   Silver & Gold Clothing   •   Smith Bowen

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brand launch program

Launch a sustainable and socially conscious apparel line in a year

We want more slow fashion brands in the world. Therefore, we developed this program to help you launch your conscious clothing line the right way.

We will help you source eco-friendly materials, select ethical factories, incorporate end-of-life practices, assist with your financial forecasts, create your brand playbook, develop your distribution strategy, craft your sales tactics, and more!

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revenue accelerator program

Develop and execute against a rigorous plan to double your revenue in two quarters

Many sustainable companies reach sales plateaus and resort to discounting their products to meet revenue targets. This program is designed to combat that.

We will start by taking a comprehensive assessment of your business — everything from your financials to your sales funnels to your customer data, and develop a robust plan to achieve your profitability goals.

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sustainability & social makeover

Convert your brand into an ethical and eco-friendly company in two quarters

The impact is huge when existing fashion brands become more conscious, which is why we offer sustainability and social impact makeovers.

We will work with you to assess all the environmental and social improvements that can be made in your company. Then, we will develop a robust execution plan and assist with communicating your sustainability roadmap to your consumers.


let us help


We get it. You’re putting out fires, wearing multiple hats, and feeling scatterbrained. Instead of doing everything yourself or spending time to hire and train a team, let us work our magic to achieve your business goals more effectively and efficiently.