episode 1 Start Your Sustainable Fashion Journey

Recloseted Radio Selina Ho Episode 1

learn how I went from a fast fashion consumer to a conscious clothing advocate.

In this episode, I transparently walk through my fashion journey. I used to shop at fast fashion retailers and now I run Recloseted, a company dedicated to fashion sustainability. So… how did I get here? Listen to this episode to find out!

I Share:

  1. What spurred me to change my consumption habits and embark on my sustainable fashion journey

  2. My two no shopping experiences— plus tips on how you can do your own no shopping ban

  3. Free resources to start your sustainable fashion journey

Resources Mentioned:

  • 40 Page Preview to “The Recloseted Handbook”

  • Recloseted’s Free Resources

  • The term “fast fashion” refers to companies creating low-quality clothing to save costs, which encourages customers to purchase high amounts of clothes. As you can imagine, this causes problems like fast fashion retailers using harmful materials in garments, supporting unethical labour practices, and tons of textile waste going to our landfills. And I will discuss all of these issues in this podcast.

  • The True Cost Documentary

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