recloseted approved brands 

Hello The Recloseted Handbook: Your Sustainable Fashion Guide reader! Welcome to the directory of Recloseted approved fashion brands. Let’s support brands that are doing great things in the space and VOTE with our dollars!



workout wear:



Bags & wallets:

Jewelry brands:

unisex clothing brands:

Female Brands:

Male Brands:




Process: I examined three criteria,

  • Materials — Preference to lower resource fibres like hemp, linen, Tencel and modal. Also looked for GOTS certified pieces.

  • Labor — Looked for factory information, workers wages and worker safety. Also looked for Fairtrade classifications.

  • Textile Waste — Does the brand use fabric scraps, aim to implement zero waste practices or have a take-back program?

Disclaimer: I did my best to examine each of these brands but I can only pass judgement on the information provided. That being said if new facts arise, I can easily update this list because it is a web page. Ultimately, visit the brand’s website, read their policies to see if they are aligned with your values, and make your own decision.

Fashion Brands: If you are a sustainable and ethical brand and wish to be included in this directory, please shoot us an email at outlining the materials you use, your labor practices, and how you try to eliminate textile waste.